Saturday, May 8, 2010

Joe Buck can kiss my; or, if you don't like baseball don't take an announcing job

Joe Buck is Fox network's number one sports announcer. He covers football and baseball. But, he has been overheard saying that he doesn't like baseball and implied that if he had his way he'd just do football. This has always bothered me. He is paid millions of dollars to watch baseball games from the best seats and talk about it on the air. This is a dream job, at least for me it is.

Today he threw this big hissy fit because the game he was covering took too long. On the air he sighed and rolled his eyes at having to watch this marathon game. I wanted to throw a shoe at him. I mean if you would rather be somewhere else...let me do your job.


  1. I'm amused because I don't know anyone who likes him.

  2. That's because no one does.