Monday, May 3, 2010

Accounting; or,my life in numbers (teaching edition)

Number of..

years I have taught college English Classes: 9.

students I have taught (aproximately): 1080.

students I have failed (actual F's, not Oh they just stopped coming F's): 7

students I have made cry: 4

students who have thanked me more than a semester after my class was over: 2

teaching hours my adjunct contract pays per week: 8

office hours my adjunct contract pays per semester: 8.5

meetings per week  I attend for my current job (on average): 4.

meetings I am paid to attend: 0.

dollars and cents in my checking account right now: $85.17.

degrees I have earned: 2.

degrees I still need: 1.

 level of bitterness I feel about my current career on a scale of 1-10: 8 with a bullet.

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  1. I'm on my way to the library in a few minutes and I'll pick up a copy of Sense and Sensibility while I'm there. (I might own a copy, but I can't find it if I do.)