Monday, May 10, 2010

Accounting; or, my life in numbers (dresses edition)

Number of...

dresses hanging in my closet right now = 11 (not counting skirts)

dresses in storage = 9 (too small 6, too fancy for everyday wear 2, not weather appropriate 1)

dresses coming in the mail because I ordered them this weekend = 3 (and one skirt)

dresses at that I am currently lusting after = 11

times a week I wear a dress to work = 1

times I have had my skirt fly up in the wind Marilyn Monroe style = 9 (most of these were in Reno)

times I have worn a dress with cowboy boots = 1

dresses I have worn until they literally fell apart and were rendered unwearable = 2 (a lime green satin dress with orange and green organza sleeves that was a flower girl dress at age 6 and a thrift store find J Crew black shirtdress at age 19).

times I insisted that I could wear the above dresses "one more time"= too many

bridesmaid dresses I have donated to Good Will = 3

bridesmaid dresses I have been able to "shorten and wear again" = 0

bridesmaid dresses I was able to wear as a halloween costume = 3 (princess, princess, and beauty queen)

times I have shut my skirt into the door of my car = 2 (that I know of)

Prom dresses I have worn after the age of 30 = 2 (prom party, halloween costume)

times I almost hit someone for making fun of me for wearing a prom dress after the age of 30 = 1

1 comment:

  1. The wind definitely makes things interesting here. I still wear a skirt slip when I wear a loose dress here.

    I have also given away my bridesmaid's dresses, which I have never again worn for another reason. I had three such dresses. Now, I just need to part with my wedding dress, which I'll really never wear again.