Wednesday, November 30, 2011

stumbling blocks; or, what to do when everything is hard

Computers hate me. No, really, they do. In my life I have six computers. Seven if you count the dead laptop I left in a closet in Chico, but I don't know if it is still there, so we won't count that one. I have two laptops and four desktops. Only one of them is technically mine, but I use the others. None of them works the way I need it it too. Most have one capability but not another; and some just refuse to play along.

One computer does not get internet or have a printer, one gets internet and has a virus so very little can be done (this one is my roomates, not mine), one cannot print, and another doesn't have Word on it. Sigh. The worst one is my work computer. Sometimes it allows me to log on and sometimes it doesn't. 

Okay, Kat, so why all the whining? What is your point. The computers are just an example of how the little things wear a person down. How do you ever get going when it feels like the smallest things are a huge hassle?

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  1. Yeah. I've experienced that too. Little things not working correctly and subtly increasing frustrations.

    I guess the good thing is that at least it's machines and not your body? Though I guess you've been sick, so maybe it is :/

    It's amazing how things become invisible when they work the way you expect them to. I don't think about the toner in my work printer until I hit print and think, oh yeah, it's out and they said they wouldn't buy me any more. Sigh.