Wednesday, November 2, 2011

blogging for blogging's sake; or, words, words, words

I have signed up for nablopomo (again). I remember being told once that it takes 15 days to make a  new activity into a habit. At the time, that seemed like a big challenge, sticking to something for 15 days. I must have been very young, like 19, or so, and 15 days seemed like such a long, long time. I know I was young, because I believed it. Now, I know that 15 days is nothing. A blink. How can you undo a lifetime of habits in 15 days? It is silly really.

I am 39 now. I am standing on the brink of one of those ages. One of those birthdays that marks your life and changes the way people view you and you view yourself. It is a benchmark of how you have spent your time and what you have sown and what you will reap. But, I am still sowing. Yes, of course. We all are. And so with the idea that the teacher never really stops being a student, and that the harvest is never really at an end, and marking birthdays like they matter is silly, I commit to blog this month with the hope that it will stick. That this time it really will become a habit.

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  1. Oh, yes. I heard that doing something every day for twenty-one days creates a habit. Seriously, not for me. I still haven't figured out how to make so many good and healthy things into habits. I swear, the habits I form are often the things I think about/schedule the least.