Tuesday, March 2, 2010

serenity now; or, god (that I don't really believe in) grant me the patience...

to get through this day.

to grade as many notebooks, occasions, and essays as I can.

to understand that I may not be able to get them all done and that that is okay.

to compose an apology to my students for the shitty assignment I gave them.

to get all my emailing done.

to get my living space reorganized after the great spring cleaning episode this weekend.

to not kill my mother.

to stop snapping at people (my mother).

to not kill the dog.

to remember that it will take time to recover from this cold/flu.

to drink water.

to get back on track with my healthy living plan.

to view food as fuel and not as therapy.

to pay as many of my bills that I can afford to pay.

to not worry about those that are left unpaid, for now.

to forgive myself for my mistakes.


  1. Yay! (I'm being a yay-sayer...still.)

    It's funny how often I rely on lessons from AA.

    With all you have on this list, I hope you're also able to take some time out to really enjoy yourself. (I don't know about you, but I often have to remind myself that moments of pleasure need to be worked into my daily life.)

  2. Serenity now! Or maybe not, because No soup for you! Sorry. I loved Seinfeld. Silliness aside, best of luck with your list.

  3. This is a timely list for me. I always find solace (or maybe that's the wrong term) that I'm not alone in the stress/hustle and bustle/freaking out/begging for sanity that comes with day to day life. I'm going to try to apply your list to today. And I'm going to breathe. Breathing is good.

  4. V-- Thanks for the YAY! I never schedule fun for myself. I feel like if I am not doing work then I am procrastinating.

    B--I was never a Seinfeld watcher. But, once I say that I don't like it people immediately tell me all their favorte parts. So, I feel like I have watched it even though really I've only seen a handful of episodes.

    J-- Ah yes! Breathing. Thank you!